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49°N Formfit Cruiser - Memory Foam Saddle Cover
The affordable way to increase the level of padding of your existing saddle and raise comfort levels thanks to some innovative NASA-derived memory foam technology! - Temperature-sensitive memory-foam upper forms perfectly to your body shape, ensuring perfect, constant adherence and maximum comfort - Ergonomic dropped central channel helps relieve pressure from the sensitive soft tissue area, preventing pain and numbness - Quick & easy installation - slips over existing saddle and secures via an adjustable drawstring fastening - Lycra stretch-fit construction with elasticated sides and a non-slip grippy inner surface helps keep the cover in position - Fits wide cruiser/comfort saddles from approx. 200 - 230mm width - Dimension: L275 x 265mm - Weight: 282g
49°N Formfit 190 - Memory Foam Saddle
Cutting edge NASA-derived memory foam technology combines with a modern, ergonomic design for the ultimate in saddle fit and comfort! - Comfort Plus temperature-sensitive memory-foam upper inserts adapt perfectly to your body form while the sit-bone-positioned low-density base inserts form an effective barrier between surface and rider, dissipating shocks and reducing peak pressure. - Strategically placed base cut-away and recessed upper channel help induce flex in the base and alleviate localized pressure around the sensitive soft tissue areas - 190mm width is suited to Amsterdam-style riding positions with a distinctly upright, rearward weight bias position (Cruiser/Comfort/Town) - Construction: Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails & synthetic weatherproof upper - Dimensions: L 266 x W 190mm - Weight: 432g
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