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Rides & events

Come CYCLE With Us

We host weekly road and gravel rides, and riding is always better with friends! Our rides (like our shops) are inclusive and friendly. Check out our upcoming events and we hope to see you soon.

Group rides are currently suspended

All group rides are cancelled for the time being due to public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned on Strava for updates and upcoming solo challenges.

A Note on Rider Responsibility

This is a club ride and your leader(s) will do their human best to try to make this ride both fun and safe. All riders on this ride accept that all activities in life come with their inherent risk. As such, everyone is responsible for their own safety and everyone is expected to do their human best to make this ride a positive for everyone else including: their fellow riders, other road/trail users, the barista who didn’t get enough sleep last night, and anyone else we might encounter.